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Install Sshpass on Mac

I’m experimenting with ansibe, an awesome IT orchestration engine. It deservse its own blog entry, but in short: It’s an alternative of puppet and chef, but its much easier to learn, and dowsn’t require any client side agent installation.

passwordless ssh

Its higly recommended to use public key authentication, but sometimes you have to deal with passwords. Let’s say a fresh virtual environment is always created with a default password.

When I tried to call ansible with -k password, meaning ask for password, i faced the following message:

to use the 'ssh' connection type with passwords, you must install the sshpass program

installing sshpass

Installing sshpass on linux is as easy as calling apt-get or yum, whatever package manager its using. Unfortunately homebrwe, my favourite package manager for mac doesn’t supports this package officially.

Actually it was created, but the team refused to take it as its a bad practice to put passwords into scripts.

However there is an unofficial brew package:

brew install http://git.io/sshpass.rb